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Lubavitch Senior Girls' School

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Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School is a strictly orthodox, small secondary school for girls only, based in Stamford Hill, Hackney.

The school became voluntary-aided in June 2012 and in April 2018 became a Multi Academy Trust along with the Junior Girls and Boys School.

There are approximately 120 students on roll.

It serves the Orthodox Jewish community and caters specifically, but not exclusively, for families who follow Chabad Lubavitch customs and traditions.

Most students come from North and North West London, and some girls travel from the surrounding areas including Edgware, Luton and Wimbledon as well as further afield such as Oxford, Brighton, Solihull, Dublin and Ukraine. 

Welcome from the Head Teacher
Our school provides a small, warm and nurturing environment where every pupil is valued and encouraged to maximize their potential.  There is a strong community feel to the school which adds a positive and shared dimension to the rich dynamic of the school.
The combination of both the Kodesh and National Curriculum studies prepare pupils with the necessary skills for their futures as responsible members of society and upstanding members of their own Jewish community.
School life is greatly enhanced by a variety of extra-curricular activities; and our school council enables student voice and drives change for the pupils.
Being at the head of a community school feels like being involved in one big family.  Indeed, due to the community dynamic of our school we have many pupils who are children and grandchildren of former students.  We enjoy a good open relationship with our parent body and welcome the strong feeling of cooperation and partnership.
The atmosphere in the school is positive and friendly and students feel a great sense of pride and belonging to the school. The ethos and values of the school including our focus on inclusion and maximizing individual potential are inspired by the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and is something that is dear to both the student body as well as the administration.
I hope that our website provides you with useful information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school or better still come and visit.


Mrs Helen Freeman

Values and Ethos

Values and  Ethos - Aims

The Rebbe

The Lubavitch MAT exists to provide an excellent, all round education permeated with the ethos of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Its mission statement is to raise students with fine character traits and intelligence, imbued with the love of G-d, Torah and one's fellow person, who will grow and make a great contribution to society.


Lubavitch Senior Girls' School aims to inspire its pupils to become true and responsible representatives of Torah Judaism and Chabad Chassidism as expounded in the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of blessed memory.

The school aims to cultivate and develop:

  • traditional values of modesty, loyalty and generosity, politeness,  frumkeit (piety) and  ahavat Yisroel (love for one's fellow)
  • a sense of pride in being a  bas Chabad, happy to accept leadership roles in the Jewish community, especially  shlichus
  • ambitious, exciting and educational programmes in  kodesh (religious studies)
  • Academic skills to enable each pupil to develop their gifts and talents to their highest abilities and to be able to pursue a career of their choice.

LSGS promotes British values of democracy, rule of law, liberty, tolerance and mutual respect as well as preparing our young women for life in modern Britain.

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The school encourages pupils to further their education in Seminary and further education, to enhance their moral and spiritual status, and to be able to make a meaningful contribution to society at large.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need more information please get in touch with us.


020 8049 1899  ext. 2003 

Email:  admin.seniorgirls@lubavitchmat.uk



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