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Medical Forms

Medication in School

In September 2014, the government issued some new guidance on supporting students with medical conditions.

LSGS' Medical Policy can be found  here . Medication must be handed in to the office with a written letter from a parent. Best practice, where possible, is for students to take medication before they go to school, as soon as they get home from school, and then in the evening, depending on the intervals between dosages.

Medical Information Form

If your daughter develops a condition which the school needs to know about and you haven't mentioned it please complete a medical information form  and email it to  admin@lsgs.hackney.sch.uk or drop it into school.

Hot Drinks
Dear Parents,

It has come to my attention that some pupils are bringing pot noodles for lunch, besides it not being part of our healthy eating policy it is a health and safety hazard.

This is actually mentioned in the school rules that you signed. Torah-and-Tea-Banner_wide.jpg

At the same time would you please provide your daughters with healthy snacks for breaks

Please ensure that your daughter  does not bring anything that requires hot water to be added to it, this includes hot drinks.

Adverse Weather

In the event of adverse weather conditions, all information will be posted on the school website and sent to you via email (primary contact).

The school will remain open for all students unless you are otherwise informed via the website and email (as far as possible before 8am).

In emergency situations we will use text to communicate with you.



A member of CST came to school to deliver Streetwise sessions with our girls and how they can stay safe when out and about.  

"Just a note to say Thank You for organising the CST programme yesterday.
My  girls really absorbed what was thought and I am very grateful as they met these challenges  on a daily base while travelling to school.  
May Hashem continue to always  protect all our girls." Parent

More information about CST and Streetwise can be found here: 



Last Chance

Thank you to all those parents who managed to attend Open Evening.

"Thank you for making the open evening easier for us parents! It is so wonderful sending our girls to school with such exceptional competent educators and headteacher that makes all run so efficiently!" Year 10 Parent

"Thank you, the evening was very pleasant. It was very useful to have the Year 12 girl around to show people where to go, as often we don’t know the teachers, or don't know where they are or if they are free." Year 9 Parent


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