Lag B'Omer

Friday, 24 May, 2019 - 5:52 am

We had a wonderful Lag B'Omer parade and school trip!

Thank you to each one of you who helped to ensure the pupils had an enjoyable Lag B'Omer.

Comments on: Lag B'Omer

IG wrote...

To all the teachers who planned and did the lag b'omer trip,

Thank you so much for all the effort and care you put into the trip today.

Shoshi had a wonderful time.

Parent wrote...

We would like to thank all the heads, staff, admin for arranging and giving the girls such a fantastic time today. All 3 girls had a fabulous time, sounds like a great place to visit , plus all the special planned activities! Yasher koach to all the staff!!

DH wrote...

Our daughter came home full of excitement about yesterday’s programme. Thanks to all the dedicated teachers involved!

A Happy Parent wrote...

Just to say. Sara has a FAB time at the outing. Thank you teachers for making it so fun.

Year10&8 wrote...

Our girls came home very happy. They enjoyed the full program, the original games and activities.
thank you