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Dear Parents

As you are aware the community and in particular Lsgs celebrated Miss Yus magnificent wedding on Sunday

I wanted to let you know the numerous compliments I received for the way your daughters , our pupils conducted themselves.They looked wonderful and danced with phenomenal non stop chayus that did credit to both yourselves their parents and us the school.

I would also like to compliment and thank you for the way you encouraged them to attend school yesterday despite their obvious exhaustion. A great lesson for life.

Delighted and proud  to be sharing such good news with you.

Have a good day.

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Curriculum Evening


Our curriculum evenings this academic year are on:

October 8th 2018 8.00pm


These informative evenings help to raise parent awareness of work and events in relation to their daughter's learning.

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These events are important in order to ensure parents are informed and are best able to support their daughter through their time at school as well as prepare them for the future.



If there are any topics which you feel you need more information on, please do contact us.


Curriculum Evening 2015.jpg




Thank you to all of you that attended the session! We very much value your feedback and take on board your comments for future sessions.


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