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The latest news about the Lubavitch Senior Girls School.

Lag B'Omer

We had a wonderful Lag B'Omer parade and school trip!

Thank you to each one of you who helped to ensure the pupils had an enjoyable Lag B'Omer.

Step into the NHS

Congratulations to all girls who took part in the Step into the NHS schools' competition especially Mushka K, Chaya V and Yehudis G.


NHS letter 





 Mrs Freeman, Mrs Cohen and all the members of LSGS and the MAT wish everyone a Kosher and Freilichen Pesach



Girls from around the world, including girls from Lubavitch Senior Girls' School, competed in the Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos final event, culminating months of studying the Sefer Hamitzvos.

The game show was the highlight of a Shabbaton weekend in Crown Heights, beginning with the final tests followed by exciting trips.

This year's Chidon Game Show finale event took place at the Newark Symphony Hall in Newark, NJ.

Mazel tov to all girls who took part in the tests and a special mazel tov to Yehudis for her Silver Trophy. 


LSGS Shabbaton - Top floor only


There is a huge buzz on the top corridor for the upcoming Shabbaton


Are you in? 

Cllr Anntoinette Bramble

Guest speaker at LSGS was local Cllr Anntoinette Bramble. She gave over an informative speech about her job and how she deals with issues relating to children and young people, including education, children's social services and the youth service.  





Hot Drinks


Dear Parents,

It has come to my attention that some pupils are bringing hot drinks in the morning and pot noodles for lunch, besides it not being part of our healthy eating policy it is a health and safety hazard.

This is actually mentioned in the school rules that you signed.Torah-and-Tea-Banner_wide.jpg

At the same time would you please provide your daughters with healthy snacks for breaks

Please ensure that your daughter does not bring anything that requires hot water to be added to it, this includes hot drinks.

New Number

Please note that we have a no school phone number: 020 8049 4899 


Thank you 



Our School Show - featured pupils from all classes at LSGS. The show was a huge success and enjoyed by all!

Congratulations to everyone, staff and pupils, that took part especially to Year 12.



As part of our Safeguarding Policy we need to update the medical records of all students at Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School to ensure that they are current and accurate.
Please complete the Medical Form with full details of any medical issues that affect your child. If there are no medical issues please complete the name, form and emergency contact details section and sign the form.
 The records will be kept in a locked cupboard for use by our First Aid Staff as necessary and thus all details will be kept confidential and not used for any other purpose.
Please return the completed form via email or to your child’s form teacher by March… Read More »


 Well done to pupils of LSGS who went to Inspire you were amazing!


Signs for the Screen 5779 (10).jpg 


School now ends on a Friday at 12pm



Dear Parents

As you are aware the community and in particular Lsgs celebrated Miss Yus magnificent wedding on Sunday

I wanted to let you know the numerous compliments I received for the way your daughters , our pupils conducted themselves.They looked wonderful and danced with phenomenal non stop chayus that did credit to both yourselves their parents and us the school.

I would also like to compliment and thank you for the way you encouraged them to attend school yesterday despite their obvious exhaustion. A great lesson for life.

Delighted and proud  to be sharing such good news with you.

Have a good day.

Mrs… Read More »

Curriculum Evening


Our curriculum evenings this academic year are on:

October 8th 2018 8.00pm


These informative evenings help to raise parent awareness of work and events in relation to their daughter's learning.

aspects of school.png

These events are important in order to ensure parents are informed and are best able to support their daughter through their time at school as well as prepare them for the future.



If there are any topics which you feel you need more information on, please do contact us.


Curriculum Evening 2015.jpg




Thank you to all of you that attended the session! We very much value your feedback and take on board your comments for future sessions.


MAT Parent Survey

Dear Parents,

Re: Parent Survey

We wanted to also assure parents that the survey is completely anonymous and that it is not possible for us to identify individuals from any aspect of the survey.

If you haven’t yet managed to complete the survey, it can be found at .

We understand , that some parents are having difficulty completing it for multiple pupils, we suggest using different devices to work around this i.e. another PC or Mobile Phone.   Alternatively,  you may wish to use the paper copies that we will send home tomorrow.  Paper copies should be handed in to the school office in a sealed envelope marked survey. Further paper copies are available from the… Read More »

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