General Information

School Day, Uniform, Transport, School Lunches, Healthy Eating, Absenteeism and Lateness, Equipment, Admissions Policy, Discipline Policy, Further Information

School Day

Pupils will be expected to arrive at school so as to be in the classrooms by 8.40 a.m.

Great emphasis will be placed on punctuality and regular attendance. Pupils arriving and leaving by coach should use the ramp entrance and all other pupils must use the playground entrance.

School ends: Monday-Thursday: 4.25pm, Fridays: Summer 3.25pm Winter: 12.30pm.

School Day Timings

School Day Timings

8.40 – 9.20:

Registration, Davening

9.20 – 10.10:

Lesson 1

10.10 – 11.00:

Lesson 2

11.00 – 11.15:


11.15 – 12.05:

Lesson 3

12.05 – 12.55:

Lesson 4

12.55 – 1.35:


1.35 – 1.40:

Movement Time

1.40 – 2.30:

Lesson 5

2.30 – 3.20:

Lesson 6

3.20 – 3.35:

Mincha and Break

3.35 – 4.25

Lesson 7



At all times, both in private and in public, in uniform and especially when not in uniform, pupils are expected to dress in a modest way, befitting a true Jewish girl and as required by Shulchan Aruch (Jewish Code of Law).

Specific dress guidelines will be issued to your daughter before acceptance into the school, which will be explained and each pupil will be expected to abide by them at all times.

The school uniform can be purchased from Schoolwear, 140 Brent Street in Hendon, telephone number 020 8202 2203.


Transport is available from locations in NW London, Edgware and Ilford. This is arranged by a Parents’ Committee.

Details of whom to contact regarding transport can be obtained from the school office.

School Lunches

Pupils are expected to bring their own packed lunch. Pupils will not generally be allowed to leave school premises to purchase lunch, but, if a pupil has forgotten her lunch she must contact Mrs Freeman who will advise.

No food products may be brought into the school unless they have a recognised Hechsher (rabbinic supervision).

Healthy Eating

The School promotes a Healthy Eating policy, and therefore fizzy drinks in cans and bottles are not allowed. Water or fruit juice is recommended, with fruit or vegetables for snacks.

Absenteeism and Lateness

A signed note from a parent or guardian must be produced on return to school, stating the reason for any absence or late arrival. Students arriving late, without a suitable note, may be sent home.Where the absence was due to a contagious illness, a doctor’s note must be produced stating that the illness is no longer infectious.

Students are not permitted to leave the premises during normal school hours. Dental or medical appointments should be made outside of normal school hours, or at least at the beginning or end of the day. Notice of these must of course be given in advance.

In exceptional cases where you are considering taking a holiday in term time please complete this form and return it to school at least 14 days before the date you wish to remove your child from school. The form can be found here.


Pupils are expected to come to school prepared for lessons and with the appropriate equipment. The homework diary must be with each pupil at every lesson.

Teachers will inform each class at the beginning of the year what equipment and books are required.


Admission to the school is open to any girl eligible as a Jew in accordance with the ruling of a recognised Rabbinic Authority. For a full copy of the school's Admission Policy please click here.


Learning is bolstered and sustained in the presence of a positive and cheerful atmosphere. This occurs when our pupils act within established guidelines of behaviour. Although school discipline may involve challenging components, the overall goal is to develop good Middos in our pupils and to prepare them for a lifetime of working and co-operating with others.

The parent's role in discipline is vital. We appreciate insight and support of parents when working to develop self-discipline in our Pupils. Our rules are reasonable and designed to breed a positive learning environment. When these rules are followed.

Pupils are recognized for their cooperation. At the same time, when a Pupil chooses to disregard behavioural expectations, consequences fashioned to help change behaviour and guide the Pupil in making more appropriate decisions will be forthcoming. For a full copy of the school's Behaviour and Exclusions Policy please click here.

Further Information

In addition to the above, parents and carers of pupils will be supplied on request with the following information:

  • particulars of policies relating to bullying, child protection, health and safety, the promotion of good behaviour and sanctions adopted in the event of pupils
  • particulars of academic performance during the preceding school year, including the results of any public examinations
  • details of the complaints procedure adopted by the school, together with details of the number of complaints registered under the formal procedure during the preceding school year
  • details of the number of staff employed at the school, including temporary staff, and a summary of their qualifications.


Medication in School

In September 2014, the government issued some new guidance on supporting students with medical conditions.

LSGS' Medical Policy can be found here . Medication must be handed in to the office with a written letter from a parent. Best practice, where possible, is for students to take medication before they go to school, as soon as they get home from school, and then in the evening, depending on the intervals between dosages.

Medical Information Form

If your daughter develops a condition which the school needs to know about and you haven't mentioned it please complete a medical information form and email it to or drop it into school.


In order to obtain any or all of the above, please contact the School Secretary.