Values and Ethos - Aims

The Rebbe 

Lubavitch Senior Girls' School aims to inspire its pupils to become true and responsible representatives of Torah Judaism and Chabad Chassidism as expounded in the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of blessed memory.

The school aims to cultivate and develop:

  • traditional values of modesty, loyalty and generosity, politeness, frumkeit (piety) and ahavat Yisroel (love for one's fellow)
  • a sense of pride in being a bas Chabad, happy to accept leadership roles in the Jewish community, especially shlichus
  • ambitious, exciting and educational programmes in kodesh (religious studies)
  • Academic skills to enable each pupil to develop their gifts and talents to their highest abilities and to be able to pursue a career of their choice.

LSGS promotes British values of democracy, rule of law, liberty, tolerance and mutual respect as well as preparing our young women for life in modern Britain.

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The school encourages pupils to further their education in Seminary and further education, to enhance their moral and spiritual status, and to be able to make a meaningful contribution to society at large.