At LSGS, students are engaged in a programme of Careers from Year 7 onwards. They have access to resources and opportunities are available to support them.

Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School provides careers advice and guidance, to support our high achieving and ambitious students. This is developed throughout a student’s time at the school and is always supportive of their aspirations, strengths and skills. The focus of the support is aimed at destinations associated with a selective and highly academic school. 



All learners will take part in a programme that helps them to:

  • Understand education, training, employment, and other progression opportunities
  • Develop skills to help them plan and manage their own development and career progression
  • Access relevant information
  • Learn from activities, visits and work experience

Almost all our pupils go on to higher education, the majority of the students at LSGS go to seminaries across the globe, primarily Israel as well as America and Canada. Thereafter, many go on to be shluchas around the world (almost every continent including many states in America, Australia and New Zealand, all over the UK and Europe, South Africa, Mexico and many other countries).

Students also go into a wide range of career sectors including teaching, design, media, medicine. 





Year Group

Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term

Year 7



Year 8


Opportunities shared/Provider talks in Assemblies

Fast Tomato

Year 9

KS4 Options Evening Options process

Opportunities shared/Provider talks in Assemblies

Careers Event

Year 10


Opportunities shared/Provider talks in Assemblies

Work experience preparation

Year 11

Sixth Form Options process

Opportunities shared/Provider talks in Assemblies

Leadership Training preparation

Year 12/13

Post School Options process

Opportunities shared/Provider talks in Assemblies




Methods used to promote work-related learning for students include:

  • Careers advice-focused PSHE lessons
  • Visits from employers
  • Coaching and training in key skills such as CV writing and interview skills
  • After-school clubs and workshops
  • Support with applications
  • Informative materials 



Online careers guidance


Fast Tomato is an online careers software program which allows students to explore the different career opportunities open to them. It helps teachers and students get the most from career guidance.



When monitoring the success of the careers programme, the school considers formal and informal measures, qualitative and quantitative data and hard and soft outcomes for students.

The careers programme is evaluated in a number of ways, including:

• student feedback on their experience of the careers programme and what they gained from it

• staff feedback on careers lessons, mock interviews etc

• student and staff evaluation of trips, speakers and programmes

• gathering informal feedback from external parties and from parents

• student destination figures post-16.




For further information about Careers at LSGS please contact the school or the Careers Leader.

Careers Leader

For more information about Careers at LSGS please contact Mrs Bernstein.


Phone: 020 8049 1899 ext 2008


This information will be reviewed October 2020 or earlier if seen as necessary.