A new Governance is being

formed since LSGS has now

become a MAT please wait for

more information.


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The Lubavitch Junior Senior Girl's School became an academy on April 1st 2018. The school joined the Lubavitch Multi-Academy Trust. 

During the next few months, Lubavitch Foundation will work to seek a suitable Multi Academy Trust – MAT, that will best support the long-term continued improvement of the school and ensure the religious ethos of the school is maintained.


The Trustees of the MAT work closely with LSGS’s Senior Leadership Team and Staff to develop the vision and aims of the school and academies. They seek to raise standards and achievement through the appropriate use of all available resources.

The Trustees’ responsibilities are to:

  • Provide strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school.
  • Support, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school.
  • Ensure accountability for standards and quality of education in the school.

Governance is assessed by OFSTED in its Leadership and Management judgement about the school.

The Trustees of the Lubavitch MAT consists of people from a variety of backgrounds who represent different areas of the school and local community.

Mrs Helena Cohen - Interim Head of the MAT, SEND, curriculum and standards

Lord Stuart Polak - Chair of the MAT, SEND

Mr Gary Inglis - Vice Chair of the MAT, Finance, Staffing, Premises


Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov - Kodesh, Staffing, Curriculum and standards

Rabbi Yirmiyahu Angyalfi 

Mr David Arden

Ms Fiona Bulmer - Safeguarding, Curriculum and standards

Ms Samantha Coleman - Finance, Staffing

Lada Sullivan - Finance, Staffing

The governors can be contacted on  InterimCEOLubavtichShadowMAT@lubavitch.hackney.sch.uk


Academy sponsor: The Lubavitch Multi-Academy Trust