Lubavitch Senior Girls' School

Extra-Curricular Activities


The School encourages and organises extra-curricular activities which include:

  • Rosh Chodesh- Davening as a school 
  • Zog a Niggun – Teaching a new niggun 
  • Coco Club 
  • Hachana to Chassidisher Yomim tov
  • Half day program for Chassidisher yomin tovim 
  • Hand outs for special occasions 
  • Maalin Bakodesh (Year 7 and 8)
  • Achos Hatamim (Year 9-12)
  • Production
  • Class Farbrengens
  • Weekly Mivtzoyim
  • Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim


School Play

The School Play is an important part of the life of a student at the School. The Play is generally presented annually, in the Winter term. The show is a chance for girls to show their creative side and is always an enjoyable night.

There are also various Musical Shows and Presentations which might take place at appropriate times in the School calendar.

Chesed - Outreach Activities

One of the cornerstones of authentic Yiddishkeit is the care we show to one another. If someone is sick, if a family is in need, if an elderly member of our community is alone and lonely, it is up to us to look for ways to help them. Students are encouraged to particpate in Outreach activities, which, for example, might take the form of visiting an old-age home and speaking with the residents about an approaching Jewish festival or other chesed opportunities that give the girls a chance to provide assistance to their fellow community members. These activities are organised by the Staff and are generally supervised by them.


Group Travel

From time to time group trips abroad are arranged, with suitable accompaniment and supervision by staff. These play an important part in the development of the student.

Achos HaTemimim

Achos HaTimim at LSGS is the continuation of a century old tradition of excellence in learning and conduct among the women of Chabad; designed to provide each girl with the means to develop a programme for growth based on her own precise needs and capabilities, Achos HaTimim has seen incredible success in the level of student participation and accomplishment. The approach is caring and supportive, yet up-front and challenging. The results - girls who graduate high school as young women ready to meet the challenges of modern life while remaining true to their own inner value system.


Each week, and for special Chassidishe Yomim Tovim, the girls arrange Mivtzoim